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I’ve wrapped a lot of presents in my time. In fact, it’s a bit of a mystery as to why I’m still so very bad at doing it. Maybe it’s because I’m always wrapping under pressure, having left it until the last minute. Many is the time that I have crept downstairs on the morning of my wife’s birthday, to put the finishing touches to her gift experience while boiling the kettle to mask all the rustling.

In common with many other dads, I have always thought of wrapping paper as a bit of a necessary inconvenience. My purchasing policy for wrapping paper is the same as for cling film and shampoo – i.e. I aim for the lowest possible quality that gets the job done. As long as the shampoo doesn’t burn holes in my head, and as long as the wrapping paper doesn’t disintegrate when I fold it, I’m happy.

And kids care about wrapping paper even less than I do!  Its main purpose is to prevent them seeing what’s inside, so it causes them frustration. You will know how little children think of wrapping paper if you’ve ever witnessed them opening a present. For them, it’s a matter of getting it out of the way as quickly as they can – which is the exact opposite of my approach when wrapping it.  You might wonder why we bother.

Wrapping for women

But there is a different type of human being for whom wrapping paper is more than just a means of present concealment. For them, it’s an integral part of the gift-giving ceremony. It’s almost as important as what lies within.

I’m talking, of course, about adult females. My wife is a good example of this type, and I know that she would appreciate any improvement in presentation, when she receives a gift from me. She’s too polite to mention it, but I know she has a very low opinion of my wrapping ability.

So I was happy when I had the chance to review some high-end wrapping paper from Pretty Gifted. This isn’t ordinary wrapping paper – because you can personalise every element! And it’s going to earn me millions of brownie points, so I love it already.


The ordering process was simple. You go on the website and you make your choice of three main elements: paper, font, and foil. Foil means the lettering colour. You get a live preview of all your changes in a window further down the page (which does actually look exactly like what you finally receive). You also choose the size of the lettering, plus an icon.

And you get to write a message! How much more personalised can you get?

For the record, I chose red paper (because I’m planning for Valentine’s Day), ‘Split’ font, gold foil, and a heart icon.

Pretty Gifted wrapping paper

There don’t seem to be any restrictions on what you can say when choosing your words, as long as you stay within the 60-character limit. Also, there’s no spell checker. So you are free to let your creative juices flow!

I went for a heartfelt but uncontroversial Valentine’s message, with no spelling mistakes that I could see.

There you go! Totally personalised.


I checked out (securely) and a couple of days later received a large Toblerone in the post. But it wasn’t a Toblerone at all! It was the paper I’d ordered, complete with gift tag – and a special pen for writing on the gift tag.

Pretty Gifted wrapping paper

The paper is very good quality. In a different league from what I normally buy, and I know my wife will notice.

All in all, I couldn’t fault this process, and I’m very happy with the end result. If I have a complaint, it’s that in doing this I am setting the bar too high for my future self. No longer will my wife be satisfied with my pathetic gift-covering efforts.

Anyway – now for the next job. Buying an actual present!

Note: this is a sponsored post but all opinions are genuine and are my own.

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