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I had a disturbing dream last night.  You don’t want to know the details, but it involved wine, mince pies, and a carrot.  It was a massive relief to wake up.

I opened my eyes and immediately remembered that – although it’s Monday – I don’t have to do any work.  Because it’s Christmas day!

I enjoy Christmas, but not as much as my daughters do.  They were beside themselves when they realised that Santa had been to our house, as evidenced by the half-consumed wine, mince pie, and carrot.

They’ve received loads of presents (too many?) and their only stress of the day so far was when one of their Furbies didn’t work first time – but that was down to a simple battery misintertion issue (my wife’s doing).

In other words, they have absolutely nothing to worry about in life at the moment, and especially today.  I didn’t want to break the spell, but I thought it would be a good idea to talk to them about how it’s not the same for everyone – a basic reminder of how lucky they are in life.  I’m not sure how much of this sank in, but I think it’s important for them (and me) to be aware.

They’re arguing again now, so maybe the message didn’t register at all.  They still experience stress in their lives, but it’s all relative.

Talking of which – we’re off to the in-laws for lunch, and I’m going to do my very best to appreciate them as much as possible.  Wish me luck.

Happy Christmas!

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